Defending Governor Eric Greitens Without Discrediting the Woman

Post 4/11/18 Media Buzz

Since its release on April 11, 2019 the  Missouri House Special Investigative Committee’s report on Goveror Eric Greitens’ affair has been the focal point of local news programs, newspapers and political publications. The House Report includes salacious details about Greitens’ affair including bizarre fitness fetishes, rough sex, manipulation and deceit. 

Greitens’ legal team and those in the media coming to his defense have taken the tact of discrediting the woman who if left to her own devices would not have publicized any part of the affair.  Greitens’ political opponents and the vast majority of the media have portrayed this same testimony as evidence the governor is a rapist guilty of domestic abuse. 

Politically Motivated Journalists Disrespected the Victim On Both Sides

I have long believed that Greitens’ machine gun toting campaign ads served as a way to distract the people of Missouri from his true policy positions and have long seen his willingness to switch political parties and abandon some of his deepest held beliefs for political expediency as disgusting.  Greitens’ unabashed willingness to build his own military legend and disingenuous stump speeches on family and military values are something I have long distrusted.

The main witness in the 28 page house report who engaged in an affair with the governor is by all accounts a credible witness with no political or financial motivation to do anything other than give her most accurate account of events. The witnesses testimony confirms my long held suspicions that Governor Eric Greitens is an egotistical, selfish douche bag. Figures on both sides of this debate have distorted this honorable woman’s testimony to fit their narrative. Both the practice of victim shaming and the practice of manipulating a victims testimony to find rape and abuse when it is not there disrespects victims of abuse and hurts important and productive causes such as the #metoo movement. An examination of the testimony given in the 28 page house report is provided in the following paragraph.

Examining the House Report Testimony: Being a D-Bag Is Not an Impeachable Offense

Image result for greitens affair details
Greitens Campaign Focusing On Family Values Took Place Only Months Before His Affair

Facts leading up to the first sexual encounter

  • Witness 1 had a “crush” on Eric Greitens
  • Witness 1 agreed to meet at the governors home while his wife was on vacation
  • Witness 1 willingly followed Greitens to the basement to partake in what she believed to be a “sexy workout”
  • Witness 1 allowed Gov. Greitens to tie her to a weight lifting bench and blindfold her

To this point in the testimony it very clear that the witness was sexually attracted to Eric Greitens and open to some type of sexual exploration. These facts in no way served as a license to perform sexual acts against her will or physically harm her in anyway. However, it is not hard to imagine Greitens mistaking the witnesses willingness to come to his home while his wife was away and be tied up and blindfolded as a sign she was interested in a sexual relationship. I could also see myself misreading this situation in the very same way and while no absolutely and always means no it is incumbent on a woman who has gone this far down the road to committing a sexual act to voice her feelings in order to prevent a situation in which misinterpretation leads to unwanted sexual advances.


  • Greitens begins kissing the witnesses stomach
  • The witness “freak(s) out and rip(s) down her hands” stating “ I don’t want this” when he closes in on her private parts
  • Greitens immediately “stood up and started helping me take down his tape. He was like calm down, it’s okay, it’s okay”
  • Greitens hugs the witness and lays with her for an unspecified period of time while she cries

To this point, the witnesses testimony seems to describe a genuine and very understandable miscommunication between two people exploring their mutual attraction and portrays a man who responded quickly and correctly as soon as he understood his mistake. 

Any respectable man would see a confused and vulnerable woman crying on their basement floor and understand that continuing sexual advances would serve only their selfish desires and not be in the best interest of the woman or the relationship. Greitens instead responded to this situation like the selfish and manipulative womanizer he is and took out his penis to show he desired the witness to perform oral sex. A desire to which the witness complied. While this is a total dirt bag move showing a lack of respect for all the woman involved, it in no way constitutes non-consensual sex or rape. By the witnesses own admission Greitens never made any forceful efforts to keep her from leaving or communicated to her that she could not leave until she performed oral sex. To this day the witness would not definitively state that the oral sex was anything other than consensual and stated she at no time felt physically afraid to leave.

The narrative of a selfish, controlling and manipulative man taking advantage of a confused woman with low self-esteem continues throughout the report and includes an incident in which Greitens slaps the witness in a controlling way that the witness believed “was not intended to physically harm” but instead “felt like he was trying to claim me”. It also includes multiple attempts by Greitens to make their consensual sexual activities rougher in nature through shoving and forceful grabbing that made the witness uncomfortable but was not interpreted by her as violent in nature or done with the intent to physically harm her.

greity 2The witness paints an extremely believable picture of Eric Greitens as a man willing to put his selfish sexual desires above his service to the State, relationship with his family and the mental health of all involved. It also shows a man with a great capacity and willingness to manipulate those around him and a proclivity toward allowing primitive desires to win over rational thought or in other words, shows Greitens to be a stupid asshole. Unfortunately, the act of being an asshole or d-bag is not an impeachable offense and those in the media accusing Greitens of rape, battery and other criminal behavior are only discrediting themselves and lending credibility to Greitens portrayal of himself as the victim of a politically motivated witch hunt.

greity 2
Greitens Twitter Account Routinely Makes Claims He is the Victim of a Politically Motivated Attack Based on Unsubstantiated Claims and Distortions

 All quotes refer to the Missouri House Special Investigative Report



2 thoughts on “Defending Governor Eric Greitens Without Discrediting the Woman

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    1. In the report the witness testifies that she is unsure to this day whether or not the oral sex was consentual (As to whether she consented to oral sex at that point, Witness 1 testified, “It’s a hard question because I did it – it felt like consent, but, no, I didn’t want to do it.”47 She further explained, “Coerced, maybe. I felt as though that would allow me to leave). The report also states (When directly asked, “Did you feel afraid to leave?,” she answered, “No. Not at this point. I feel like he hadn’t gotten what he wanted,” but also affirming she was crying, under duress, felt as if she had no other choice if she was going to get out of the basement at that moment).

      As I stated in the post any man who sees a woman crying, vulnerable and confused and choses to take advantage of her vulnerability is a terrible person and not someone I would ever associate with. That said, there is a big difference between being a dirtbag and being a rapist.


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